Friday, October 3, 2014

This summer at Orchid Bay has been amazing; the weather has been perfect. A typical year in Belize sees heavy rains from July to October with a small reprieve in August.  The rains generally cause mountain run-off into the bay, which causes it to lose its beautiful color from mid-September to October.   This year has seen very little rain; the bay is gorgeous, the roads are great shape, and the community is very active.

The above photo has clouds, but this summer has seen many cloudless skies – here is how clear it was just last weekend.

 Speaking of last weekend, did you hear about the weddings?  Orchid Bay hosted its first wedding on Saturday September 27 and then hosted its second on Sunday September 28.  Our very own Tradewinds restaurant proprietor, David Berger, was married on Saturday to Damaris Tzul of Chunox Village and on Sunday Ivanir Patt, your favorite bar tender at the Tradewinds, married Esmiri Mendez.  The weddings were beautiful and are a testament to the strengths of Orchid Bay.  Back-to-back weddings is no easy feat and everything has to be perfect – we did it! Many Orchid Bay and local Chunox, Copper Bank, Progresso and Little Belize community member joined together to celebrate the happy couples. To see photos from both weddings just visit Orchid Bay’s Facebook page,

As many you may have heard, Laurene Honeybill has joined her husband Stephen at Orchid Bay and is working with Stephen to run the Crimson Orchid Inn.  Stephen and Laurene were waiting for their daughter Morgan to graduate from high school before Laurene would join him at Orchid Bay.  Congratulations Morgan and Laurene! 

Laurene has already made an impressive impact on the Crimson Orchid Inn.  She’s brought a new level of hospitality and finish to the Inn that makes it a beautiful location for any bride.  Below is a photo showing how well Esmiri was hosted during her wedding preparation.

On the site development front, work continues to focus on the Seafront Condominiums.  The first two buildings will have their exterior and all sold units completed near end of this year with the unsold units staged for two-month delivery upon sale.  Landscaping will be performed in early 2015.  The second two buildings are under construction and are likely to complete in the first half of 2016.  There are first and second floor Condominiums available in the first two buildings.  Check out the view from the second floor porch.

 Below is a sunset view from the beach the seafront condos.

Further development and planning is happening in Cazadores Park.  This neighborhood will include a number of villas and substantial landscaping.  Initial details are scheduled to be released in November and further details in the following months.  

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